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Business document retention and conservation are required by law for certain business transactions, but they can also create clutter, take up significant office space, require filing/reshuffling, require dedicated personnel to search through piles of files/documents and the documents may not withstand humidity and heat with time.

Our digital document storage services eliminates the aforementioned problems and presents your paper documents just a mouse click away in an easily searchable format in secure digital storage.

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Our Services

1. We analyze your digital storage requirements to determine your storage needs

2. We design and implement a customized digital storage solution complete with folder structure and file archiving naming conventions

3. We scan, annotate, organize and store your existing paper documents in an electronic format (We use our own scanners)

4. Each month we visit your establishment on an agreed frequency to perform step 3 above

Before ...

From Clutter ...

After ...
Electronic Folders.png

To Electronic Files ...


1. All your authorized employees can access the electronic files online from anywhere and at anytime on their computer, laptop or mobile device

2. Your company will have a dedicated online digital storage account setup and configured at NO additional cost

3. We will provide administration of the online storage account and help you manage users, access, storage and file sharing at NO additional cost

4. You can search for stored electronic files using the keywords in the annotations we will provide for each document

5. The first 100 GB is FREE and included in your low monthly fee

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